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If we are in pain, whether it is a back pain, neck pain, sciatica or something we want it cured and cured fast. Regrettably this is not always possible for a number of reasons but we will certainly try. Below are some explanations of how chiropractors look at and treat problems usually associated with the neck, back or legs.

Here is how we work.

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Chiropractic training.

If you are going to trust someone to manipulate your spine it is very important that they knew precisely what they are doing. All chiropractors in the UK are required by law to be registered with the General Chiropractic Council and that is only possible after completing a very exacting course of training at one of two training centers in the UK. One in Bourn mouth and one in Wales. During this training over several years all trainee chiropractors must treat a minimum of 400 treatment under supervision.



Sometimes the cause of a patient's discomfort is fairly obvious as with treating sporting injuries for example, but this is not always the case and no chiropractor is going to start treatment until he or she has identified exactly where the problem lays. The neck and spine have been constructed through evolution to hold and protect a vast number of nerves leading ultimately to every part of the human body and if the neck or spine should become misaligned the result will almost always result in some pain.

Whilst the use of x-rays should always be limited and particularly so with pregnant women, it is commonplace for a chiropractor to take x-rays in order to identify the problem area and thus to suggest the best form of treatment to relieve your pain and speed your full recovery.

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Chiropracty and the elderly.

You will have noticed that elderly people are generally less mobile than they were in their youth. This is generally because the bones comprising the neck and spine calcify in old age and these calcifications can and frequently do cause two or more bones in the spine to fuse together which means that section of the spine can no longer bend in the usual way. If this calcification is just beginning chiropracty combined with exercises can help to restore mobility.


Treating pregnant women.

Any expectant mum puts considerable weight on and you only need to look in profile at a pregnant lady to see how her centre of gravity has changed. This places considerable strain on her back and it is common for a pregnant lady to suffer with back problems often resulting in sciatica. Our chiropractors are very experienced in treating these cases and very often the treatment can bring almost instant relief from pain and restored mobility.


Treatment for sporting injuries.

Almost every sport carries some degree of risk and chiropractors throughout the world have seen the number of these injuries increase. Depending on the type of injury treatment can be relevant to either an osteopathy or a chiropractor. Generally osteopaths tend to be favoured where the injury is muscular and not related to an injured bone but all chiropractors are well versed in treating sports injuries of all types. Should you decide to use an osteopath to treat your injury this link should help you find an osteopath in your area. Osteopaths treating sports injuries.


Back pains and cures.

Perhaps the most common of all the pains chiropractors treat. If we think of our spines as a series of cotton reels placed one on top of the other, if one of them becomes dis aligned it is almost certain to cause pain. Normally this is due to what is commonly called a slipped disk. Between each piece of bone running down the spine is a small packet of strong rubber like tissue, which in everyday use act a a shock absorber for each section of the spine but sometimes this disk leaks fluid causing what we know as a slipped disc. Not all back pains are as difficult to treat as this though. Very often simple back pain results from strained muscles in some way and although the pain can be severe this can usually be cured fairly quickly by a chiropractor. It is always best to seek help.

The most common age for suffering a slipped disc is between 30 and 50 years of age and twice as many men as women are treated by chiropractors for it.

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Lower back pains and cures

These are generally muscular and in order to understand these pains and the cure you need to know that the purpose of the spine is to protect a very large bundle of nerves running the full length of the neck and back. if a nerve in the lower back becomes pinched it very often results in a pain in your upper leg. A chiropractor can quickly discover if this is the reason and provide the best treatment.

Neck pains and cures.

As with back pain cures are not always possible, but x-rays will usually identify the problem and suggest the treatment. With so many of us sitting in front of computer monitors all day it is extremely important that your work station is organised in such a way that it fits you and not the other way around. Staring down or up at the monitor all day will give you neck pain sooner or later. Our chiropractors will be happy to give you a leaflet showing the best layout of a work station. Treatment for back or neck pain


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